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Linuxoutlaws – LUG Mbarara

I knew, that the city where I am living right now is a good tongue twister. I did not expect, that this would be a funny thing in a well known (I did not know it actually) linux podcast.

Not to beat around the bush: Listen to episode 152 of Linuxoutlaws and cock your ears at 1:22:14. They mention the next meeting of the Linux User Group Mbarara then.

The podcast is available as a Mp3 or Ogg file.

Program Language

As I am wirting my articles in two languages here, I once in a while I need screenshots in a different language (in my case English, as I am running a Ubuntu in German). I don’t want log out to change the whole system. There is a simple command to run a single program in another language (as far, as you have installed the appropriate language package). To run Gimp (on an English system) in German, use:

$ LANGUAGE=de gimp

AisleRiot Klondike

AisleRiot Solitaire

AisleRiot is one of the games that are pre-installed on a Ubuntu system. The name tells the game. It is solitaire.

This is not, what makes the game worth mentioning. I do not use the Menu too often while playing, therefore it took me sometime to recognize the menu entry »Game« → »Select Game«.

AisleRiot is not one game. It is 86 different games. As far as I was looking at the help files, all games were well documented. Therefore it is no problem to try all of them.

I have selected Freecell as the current game.

Gaming on Ubuntu

A common assumption is, gaming on linux is impossible. With many commercial games this is, unfortunately, still true. But this does not mean, that gaming on linux is impossible. I often play games to distract my mind a bit and think many others do so too. Therefore I start my article series “Gaming on Ubuntu”.

It will focus on free games, freeware games, which are not released under a free license, commercial games running on Ubuntu, ScummVM, Wine, …

Already planned articles are:

  • Pioneers
  • AisleRiot
  • Urban Terror
  • Battle for Wesnoth

I already started on some of them, for the others and some more there are enough thoughts in my mind.

If you know a game, running on Ubuntu or something related and want me to have a closer look, do not fear to contact me.



The programme PlayOnLinux accomplished, what I failed to do on my Ubuntu. Get Age of Empires III running with Wine. PlayOnLinux is using Scripts, describing how to install a game (or something else).

The installation of Age of Empires III was as following: An appropriate Wine version was dowloaded, installed and a fitting wineprefix created. Then all 3 CDs were copied to my computer and installed afterwards. Then (after asking) the latest patch was downloaded and installed automatically.

On a gaming PC this could be one of the most important programmes (next to Wine). But who want a clean system and to know exactly what is going on on his computer I would not reccomend it. Not only that the programme in the ppa is not signed, but it downloads different versions of Wine automatically. Where exactly they are installed is something I don’t know. A look at the source code could fix this, of course.

Packages for many Linux distributions are available here.