VirtualBox and Neo

Ich hatte einige Probleme ein Windowssystem in der VirtualBox zum laufen zu bekommen, da ich Neo als Tastaturlayout nutze, und es mir nicht möglich war, den Lizenzschlüssel einzugeben. Die Nummerntasten (und einige andere) funktionieren nicht.

Nun bin ich endlich auf eine Lösung gestoßen. Es ist eigentlich ganz einfach. Vor dem Starten des Systems muss einfach folgender Befehl im Terminal eingegeben werden:

$ VBoxManage setextradata global GUI/RemapScancodes49=41,

Damit werden die Scancodes, die von Virtualbox gesendet werden anders interpretiert. Schon gehen meine Zahlen wieder.

Neo Episode 2

Right now I can do 100 strokes per minute. And it is even more fun. The only problem I have are the typos I make – They are many. If there is a good method to learn how to avoid them I would be really grateful.

Installing on Ubuntu 9.10
Set the active keyboard layout in “System → Settings → Keyboard” to “German → Neo”. Neo is now active but only a beta version in which (compared to the current version) for example “ü” and “ö” are changed.
Download the recent xkb.tgz

$ wget

and replace the old files (do not forget to make a backup).

$ sudo tar -C /usr/share/X11/ -xzf xkb.tgz

More tutorials for installing Neo on Linux, Windows and other operating systems can be found on the manufacturer’s homepage. (All linked homepages are in German)

Neo and vi(m)
In vim the keys “hjkl” are  used to navigate. Now these keys are spaced somewhere on the keyboard, so we better use “snrt” to have navigation on the same place as if we were using QWERTY. We exchange the particular letters.
Edit or create the file ~/.vimrc and add the following:

no s h
no h s
no n j
no j n
no r k
no k r
no t l
no l t

Neo and Virtualisation
I need to use windows at work, so I used to use VirtualBox. Try to install Windows. Everything worked fine until I should insert the license code. It was not possible to insert digits (even after changing the layout on the host back to QWERTY).
Since then I use QEMU and Neo is even running with the Windows drivers in my guest system.