To collect statistics about this blog I use Piwik. Unfortunately this cannot take care of users which are only reading the RSS-Feed. I did not want to use an external service. The statistics are not so interesting, that I would like to give them to google. Accidentally I stumbled over Feedstats, a WordPress plugin, having only few functions (as far as I know Feedburner is much more powerfull) but enough for my needs.

The plugin can be found in the menu below the dashboard and shows the visitors of the last days in a table and a small graphic. There are the average of users per day, the maximum of users per day and the maximum of visitors online at the same time. But the most interesting part is (in my opinion) the statistic showing which feed was visited how often.

Additionally to this statistic there is a small widget for the dashboard providing some information without the need of visiting the whole statistic.

As you obviously see on the pictures, some more readers would not harm. Do not hesitate and subscribe my feed, if you like my posts 😉

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