“Good” Facebook Application

Today I stuble upon a facebook application which is not behaving like a virus by default. It is the Creative Commons Application, which adds the possibility of marking your uploaded files and everything else with a creative commons license remark.

Adding the application you will be asked to set the license, you want to use. Then there is a link, you extra have to click upon to allow the application to set status updates. Clicking there you as well need to confirm it.

Recommendable as I think.

My Xubuntu Desktop

I am using Xubuntu 9.10 so an Xfce desktop. Reading the article on WebUpd8 (there are really few reports on Xfce) i present my Xubuntu system. The main reason I use Xubuntu is, that I wanted to use it on an old second hand laptop, but what did not work out and I now use it on a new one as it was already downloaded.


The speed (as I am feeling it) is great. Booting takes less then 15 seconds up to the login screen. I cannot compare it to a fresh installation of Ubuntu 9.10 as I had upgraded my system to it, but its boot time was around 50 seconds.

Thunderbird is the standard mail client of Xubuntu. I had some problems with Evolution, so it had already been my usual mail client all the time. Therefore: I like it.

I like the dark standard design much more than the (old) human design of Ubuntu.

GTK-programs are completetly integrated in the desktop (as in Ubuntu).

The standard file browser has the function of start a terminal at the opened place. A function which is only available for Nautilus with a plugin.


There is no easy possibility to create or edit a menu entry. It is only possible using .desktop files.

The panel Menu is showing “Applications” instead of “Anwendungen” and “Places” instead of “Orte”. I use the German language settings (as you can see on the screenshot.)

The desktop behaves strange. Although i have set, that folders and files should open on a single click, this is not working on the desktop. I need a double click to open things from there.

Thunar does not have support for Samba drives.


The word processing program is AbiWord. For spreadsheets Gnumeric is installed.

The standard music player is Exaile.

The network manager is the same used on Ubuntu.

My conclusion:

Using Xubuntu is not so different than Ubuntu. It runs nice and is fun to work with it. A few known programs are as well used there. Neither advantages nor disadvantages outweigh the other. I will change back to a Gnome desktop (after upgrading to Lucid). The main reasons are the behavior of the desktop and the lacking possibility of adding and changing menu entries using a graphical interface.

New Domain (and Configuration)

PhYnformatik ist now really PhYnformatik. The domain http://phynformatik.de is registered.

As the domain is pointing here, we have to tell wordpress to use it. The menu links are then updated automatically. Go to “Preferences → General” and set the WordPress- and Blog-address correctly.

You will see an error message after saving, because the new settings are not yet loaded from the database. Just reload the WordPress backend. Linked pictures or files within the articles have to be corrected manually.

Who is using several plugins with his browser (as me) should not forget to set some rights for them. I was wasting 15 minutes until I figured out, that I forgot allowing NoScript to execute Javascript on the new domain. Gears need to be allowed to access the “new” site as well.