Shifting and more

This blog is really growing these days. I started many years ago with a small page on Funpic to teach myself some HTML. Quite fast I shifted to who are providing free webspace without advertisement. Slowly some content was gathered there. At the beginning of this year I decided to give my page a name and make this Blog out of it.

Now the free webspace is not fitting my needs anymore. For all the work I am doing here I need some more functions. Unfortunately on bplaced pingbacks and trackbacks are not working. Therefore I will shift to a virtual server from Host Europe. Planned date is next weekend. I think that PhYnformatik shall be available the whole time, but I need to deactivate comments for one or two days.

Thank you very much bplaced! I am really greatful for their good service. I only had a small problem once, and it could be solved within a few hours after reporting it.

When shifting I have planned to include Flattr here. Here is an invitation code: 6b8f8ad826c05d5f1

PhYnformatik can be found on Facebook as well. Integration of Facebook’s Features (like the “I like it” button) are – due to data privacy reasons – not on my agenda.

I am really wondering how everything will work out and if I can meet all expectations. Yours as well as my own. Don’t hesitate to make suggestions or give constructive criticism if you see any issue here.


The programme PlayOnLinux accomplished, what I failed to do on my Ubuntu. Get Age of Empires III running with Wine. PlayOnLinux is using Scripts, describing how to install a game (or something else).

The installation of Age of Empires III was as following: An appropriate Wine version was dowloaded, installed and a fitting wineprefix created. Then all 3 CDs were copied to my computer and installed afterwards. Then (after asking) the latest patch was downloaded and installed automatically.

On a gaming PC this could be one of the most important programmes (next to Wine). But who want a clean system and to know exactly what is going on on his computer I would not reccomend it. Not only that the programme in the ppa is not signed, but it downloads different versions of Wine automatically. Where exactly they are installed is something I don’t know. A look at the source code could fix this, of course.

Packages for many Linux distributions are available here.

News in the Internet

My daily media comsume these days is restricted to my laptop. The Uganda papers are not comparable to German ones if you talk about independence and respectability. I only read them on a five hours bus trip, when there is nothing else to do.

Before I came here, I used to read the local paper (nearly) everyday while having breakfast. Sometimes I red the Süddeutsche as well. I rarely watched news on TV, but while driving I listened to the News provided by the Bayrischer Rundfunk.

Here I get my news from Google News. I can chose areas of interest and now get news about politics, economy, technics, Germany and the world. I even get articles about my German hometown and  what is in the German news about Uganda (and is quite interesting). All the news are aggregated from different news pages.

Additionally I subscribed 10 blogs about Linux (mostly Ubuntu), 3 about MeeGo, 11 about technics generally and 15 more and I am using Facebook. My account on is not used, as I don’t have too much bandwith to waste.

Lena’s (and therefore Germany’s) victory of the Eurovision Song Contest was brought to my by one of my subscribed blogs. I read about the resignation of the German President Horst Köhler at Facebook first. Are those media channels so much faster than the former ones? What about the reliability? These days I get most of the news, I am ineterested in, brought directly to me. A Ugandan friend first told me about the Bayern Munichs failure in the Champions League Finals (even though I am not too much into football). If I then want further information, I can easily get it. First step there is to verify the announcement what I am (disgrace on me) not doing for every message. Especially if it is nothing to important, I just leave it like this. But if I want to know more, I mostly use the traditional news pages.

How are you getting informed? Is there anybody getting his paper in the mornig delifered on his tablet pc? What is the primary news channel? What about news while you are on holiday, on a business trip in a foreign country or (like me) staying abroad for some more time?

Thunderbird 3 and Chromium

It took me some good time, to figure out how to open links in Thunderbird with Chromium. The answer is too easy to think of.

Go in the Settings dialogue to “Attachments“ change the values for http and https to Chromium (or your favorite browser). That’s it!