VirtualBox and Neo

Ich hatte einige Probleme ein Windowssystem in der VirtualBox zum laufen zu bekommen, da ich Neo als Tastaturlayout nutze, und es mir nicht möglich war, den Lizenzschlüssel einzugeben. Die Nummerntasten (und einige andere) funktionieren nicht.

Nun bin ich endlich auf eine Lösung gestoßen. Es ist eigentlich ganz einfach. Vor dem Starten des Systems muss einfach folgender Befehl im Terminal eingegeben werden:

$ VBoxManage setextradata global GUI/RemapScancodes49=41,

Damit werden die Scancodes, die von Virtualbox gesendet werden anders interpretiert. Schon gehen meine Zahlen wieder.

Thunderbird 3 and Chromium

It took me some good time, to figure out how to open links in Thunderbird with Chromium. The answer is too easy to think of.

Go in the Settings dialogue to “Attachments“ change the values for http and https to Chromium (or your favorite browser). That’s it!

Chromium Impressions

As Ubuntu 10.04 has Chromium in its package archives, it is time for me to have another look on Chromium.

The first impression is quite positive.

  • More Space – The missing menu- and status bar are giving me 86 pixel, I can use for watching homepages. Especially on a widescreen monitor this is really nice. It is as well the main argument for Chromium.
  • Fast – Chromium is starting really fast and is running nicer (at least it feels like this)
  • Tab-Usage – Tabs are usually opened in the background. A feature I like, especially when I am reading pages with many interesting links. Every Tab is an own process. I like it. I can now surf on other pages while uploading a picture on WordPress, what used to freeze my whole Firefox until it finishes the upload.

Some few weaknesses are there, nevertheless:

  • Loading pages – Chromium needs more time to load a single internet page. I am not sure, if it is true. But for my GPRS-Connection it feels like this.
  • Design – This is the point, I really don’t like. Chromium does not fit into Ubuntu. Adding the window manager and using the GTK-Theme helps a bit. But nevertheless it needs improvement here.

Generally Chromium seems to be a nice browser. It won’t replace Firefox directly, but I think I will use both for some time. The last question now is, when Chrome is coming into the Partner Repository. I don’t think it will take much more time.