AisleRiot Solitaire

AisleRiot is one of the games that are pre-installed on a Ubuntu system. The name tells the game. It is solitaire.

This is not, what makes the game worth mentioning. I do not use the Menu too often while playing, therefore it took me sometime to recognize the menu entry »Game« → »Select Game«.

AisleRiot is not one game. It is 86 different games. As far as I was looking at the help files, all games were well documented. Therefore it is no problem to try all of them.

I have selected Freecell as the current game.

Gaming on Ubuntu

A common assumption is, gaming on linux is impossible. With many commercial games this is, unfortunately, still true. But this does not mean, that gaming on linux is impossible. I often play games to distract my mind a bit and think many others do so too. Therefore I start my article series “Gaming on Ubuntu”.

It will focus on free games, freeware games, which are not released under a free license, commercial games running on Ubuntu, ScummVM, Wine, …

Already planned articles are:

  • Pioneers
  • AisleRiot
  • Urban Terror
  • Battle for Wesnoth

I already started on some of them, for the others and some more there are enough thoughts in my mind.

If you know a game, running on Ubuntu or something related and want me to have a closer look, do not fear to contact me.


The programme PlayOnLinux accomplished, what I failed to do on my Ubuntu. Get Age of Empires III running with Wine. PlayOnLinux is using Scripts, describing how to install a game (or something else).

The installation of Age of Empires III was as following: An appropriate Wine version was dowloaded, installed and a fitting wineprefix created. Then all 3 CDs were copied to my computer and installed afterwards. Then (after asking) the latest patch was downloaded and installed automatically.

On a gaming PC this could be one of the most important programmes (next to Wine). But who want a clean system and to know exactly what is going on on his computer I would not reccomend it. Not only that the programme in the ppa is not signed, but it downloads different versions of Wine automatically. Where exactly they are installed is something I don’t know. A look at the source code could fix this, of course.

Packages for many Linux distributions are available here.

Linux Gamer’s money

I just stumbled over the data for the sales of the Humble Indie Bundle. The money made as of Saturday 09. May around 6pm local time is: $612,300 by 72,969 people with an average price for the bundle of $8.39. The average amount by Linux users is $13.95. That is more than $6 more than the average the Windows users spend.

The revenue per operating system is: Windows: 52%, Mac 24% and Linux 24%.

With a market share of Linux operating systems of only 1% (Source: Wikipedia) I am wondering, why they make 24% of the revenue for the Humble Indie Bundle.

Are there so few good Linux games, that the personal value is much more than for the spoiled Windows users?

Are the main Linux users all people with good jobs and can just afford to pay more?

Are the Linux users more likely adults than kids (as on Windows) and therefore have more money?

Do Linux users safe so much money on other software, that they have it for games?

Any other ideas? Or a solution perhaps? Please tell me.