Single Language

Unfortunately I do not have the time, I used to have. I will not be able to write every article twice in German and in English.

I hope, that you can forgive me if I continue this Blog with most articles in English only. Perhaps I can take this as motivation to write more frequently as well.


As I get more and mores spam here. Therefore I added a Captcha, you need to fill, when writing a comment. I am sorry for the inconvenience, but unfortunately all my other anti-spam meassures are overstrained.

If you recognize any errors, please send me an email.


It was quite quiet for some time here.

I finished my time in Uganda and returned to Germany in September. Now I am a student at the Technical University Munich, for a Bachelors’ degree in computer science. My try to deal with time the Ugandan way and not to get stressed about time problems worked out. Unfortunately the little free time I had left I did not use it for PhYnformatik.

There are enough topics I want to write about, and I hope, that as a student I will have some time to write here.

Everything New In July

Within the last weeks it was quite calm here. The reason is, that I was busy working on the base of PhYnformatik. WordPress is now running in version 3, the design has changed and I am trying to add some more value to the page using some plugins. For example relaed posts, that might be interesting to you, will be shown at the bottom of each entry. I have also integrated Flattr.

Flattr is a micropayment system that should make it easy giving money to authors in the internet for good content. Flattr is still in the beta phase, but I have some invitation codes for you (each code is only valid once):

  • a9379fb41d903b89d
  • 736023a7f4080f58f
  • 5e039f527eabac8db

I am also not alone here anymore. Dalabad will write some post in the future (when he gets time). Thanks for that in advance. He is also responsible for the selection of the design and has been helping working on the page. I think that he will introduce himself in an own post soon.

If anybody sees some errors, please leave a comment here.