Facebook – A social network?

Nearly everyday it is one of my Facebook friend’s birthday. Within some few ours they collect good wishes on their walls. Does Facebook make the people more social?

Checking the birthdays of my friends, I do not rely on pages like Facebook, but my own (digital) calendar. All the other 200 Facebook friends, who are not found in my calendar are people I know, but not people I would call for congratulation. And then I do not send a Facebook message either.

My own birthday is not visible on Facebook. Till now only my sister posted there on my wall. But I had my sister on the phone as well. A friend, whose birthday is today as well and who has it visible on Facebook got already 5 posts with congratulations.

Does Facebook make the people more social, as it is becoming easier to congratulate where it would have been really difficult otherwise (because of distance or anything else)? Or more unsocial, as everybody is relying on platforms like this and the personal binding is moving in the background? At least I am the first one posting on someone’s else wall. What I only did because of the platform reminding me.

You can exchange Facebook with any other big social network, if you want.

Comments on the topic are appreciated.

“Good” Facebook Application

Today I stuble upon a facebook application which is not behaving like a virus by default. It is the Creative Commons Application, which adds the possibility of marking your uploaded files and everything else with a creative commons license remark.

Adding the application you will be asked to set the license, you want to use. Then there is a link, you extra have to click upon to allow the application to set status updates. Clicking there you as well need to confirm it.

Recommendable as I think.