Writing a Thesis is Fun

Stuff, that I stumbled upon, while writing my Bachelor’s thesis. Some might be funnier than others.


The Jailbreaker cannot always live in Maryland and give sweet candy to everyone!

[Source] – Don’t bother. I don’t live in Maryland either.


/* All this GUI stuff I assembled together via various
* howto’s and small code snippets found on the web. So dont
* wonder about this strange looking buttons etc.

[Source] – Did not see the app running. But by reading the code, this is just how a standard button in Android looks like.


You are in a hurry, and you don’t want to read this man page.

[Source] – Abosulutely right. But I still need the information…


What you need: […] A decent Internet connection & reliable electricity 🙂

[Source] – Thinking of my times in Uganda, I can completely understand it…


If you really absolutely need more capacity,
you can ask a wizard to enlarge me.

[LaTeX logs] – Seriously. I really abolutely need to get my thesis compiled!

Dropbox in Action

Recently I added a second computer to my Dropbox account. Doing so I made the following screenshot, which I have to share:

Students and employees from educational institutions get double free space bonus for refferals, by the way. To register for this programme is possible here. You do not necessarily need a .edu mail-adress, as pointed out. I registered with my @mytum.de mail-adress from the TU-München and it worked without any problems.