Creatives Unite!

There are wonderfull projects, that nobody can use… (Just have a look at GPG vor example.) What we have learned from smartphones and tablets is not that our parents can’t use tech. It is just not designed for them. If we just could give encryption, collaboration tools, open-data, … a face-lift, I believe good software will spread.

How will this work? Maybe if we all work a little bit together… Head over to¬†Creatives Unite! Thanks at @SuddenGrey for the initiative.

IT-Studywork 2013

My bachelors’ thesis is up for voting at till 11th may. If you got 1 minute of time, head over there and vote for me.

The title of the thesis is Enhanced Android Security to prevent Privilege Escalation. The full version and the presentation slides can be downloaded in the publications area. There is also a Droicon talk, which is mainly based upon my findings of this thesis. Check it out, if you are interested.