Gears 0.5.33 Workaround

I created a workaround for my gears problem by manually changing the version number within the .xpi file from 0.5.32 to 0.5.33. It seems to be working. Since yesterday there was no attempt for an automatic update.

You can download the patched file here: gears-linux-opt-0.5.32-patched.xpi

[Update 02/04/2010]
There is a more recent version than 0.5.33 available. The patched file contains now the version number 0.5.36

Gears 0.5.33

Gears tried to update itself automatically, but stopped with an error telling, it is not compatible with my system, all the time. My workaround: uninstall, and install it manually failed. I was not able to install it again.

The file install.rdf within the actual .xpi file shows:

<!-- Prevent this XPI from being installed on the wrong platform. -->

The problem is, google packed the 64-bit version instead the 32-bit version, which will not run on a 32-bit System.

To get gears running again I had to install an older, correct packaged version. Gears version 0.5.32 can be downloaded here:

Assassin’s Creed II

I have written an E-Mail to Ubisoft Germany about the copy protection mechanism of Assassin’s Creed II, which needs a connection to the Internet even if you are playing offline. The whole text of the letter can be found on the German version of this page.


On 29. of January the new Wise Guys (Link in German) album „Klassenfahrt“ (Link in German) was released.

Due to the fact that I am staying in Uganda for several month, it is somehow difficult to buy the CD. So: Download it. Although there is no copyright law in Uganda, which would forbid to download a CD-rip, I would like to support the artists.

As I am using Ubuntu as operating system, I cannot (and do not want to) use iTunes for downloading music. But you can download music using Amazon. Downloadmanager downloaded. Album chosen. Logged in. Error…

Please note that is currently only available to US customers.

Now I know again where the free of charge attitude the “Digital Natives” comes from. You not only safe money but also time and nerves…