Ubuntu 10.04 released

After waiting a half year after the last Ubuntu version Karmic Koala, today the Lucid Lynx was released.

All different versions can be downloaded here: http://releases.ubuntu.com/lucid/. Don’t hesitate – It’s free!

I will start to upgrade tomorrow morning and hope that it will be finished on Sunday (GPRS is a bit slow). Some CDs I hopefully get at the Release party of the Uganda Linux User Group.

For the upgrade within the terminal use:

$ sudo do-release-upgrade

Gnome Global Menu

As Mark Shuttleworth announced on his Blog today, Gnome Global Menu shall be included in the Netbook version of Ubuntu 10.10.

Global Menu puts the application menu bar int the upper panel.

Picture taken from the Global Menu project page.

I think the menu is not only nice on Netbooks. On my (widescreen) laptop I used to use it some time ago. What bothered me was that it is only working for GTK applikations and Pseudo GTK applications (like Firefox or OpenOffice), which do not use GTK widgets to draw their menu are not working.

But if the efforts of implementing it in the Netbook Edition work out, the use of the Gnome Global Menu on other systems will not be stopped by this issues again.

To install the Global Menu, use the developer PPA. Caution: This is an external source as well.

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:globalmenu-team/ppa
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install gnome-globalmenu

MeeGo Dropbox App

Since the announcement of MeeGo I am following its development. MeeGo is a operating system based on Nokia’s Maemo and Intel’s Moblin. I am as well thinking about buying a MeeGo based mobile phone.

For backups of important files I use Dropbox. As it is as well suitable for synchronizing of bookmarks, password databases etc. I would like to have a version running on my handheld device.

As the Dropbox developers took a long time creating an Android application and i would like to have one for MeeGo when I buy my device, I created the Idea “Dropbox für MeeGo” on their idea platform “Votebox”. MeeGo 1.0 is supposed to be released in May. Now enough votes are needed for the Dropbox developers to see this idea and hopefully implement it.

Every Dropbox user has six votes per month, which can be distributed on different ideas within the votebox. All votes can be given to different ideas, or if you favor one especially, you can give all of them to one idea.

Here the link to my Idea: https://www.dropbox.com/votebox/1629/meego-application (Dropbox Account needed to vote)

For those who do not know Dropbox: It is an internet data safe, available for Windows, Mac, Linux and (soon) several mobile devices. Every user gets 2 GB of free space. 50 GB can be bought for 10 $ per month. 100 GB cost 20 $. You download the appropriate version for your operating system, install it and all files and folders withing a special folder (using Linux usually ~/Dropbox) will be synchronized with the online safe. If you need access to your files from a computer, which is not linked to your Dropbox account, there is a web interface.

Using referrer links the free space can be expanded up to 10 GB.

Best thing is: Everybody using a referral link to sign up, gets 250 MB of extra space as well.

If you are not yet using Dropbox and want to have a look, just use this link to get your extra 250 MB space.


To collect statistics about this blog I use Piwik. Unfortunately this cannot take care of users which are only reading the RSS-Feed. I did not want to use an external service. The statistics are not so interesting, that I would like to give them to google. Accidentally I stumbled over Feedstats, a WordPress plugin, having only few functions (as far as I know Feedburner is much more powerfull) but enough for my needs.

The plugin can be found in the menu below the dashboard and shows the visitors of the last days in a table and a small graphic. There are the average of users per day, the maximum of users per day and the maximum of visitors online at the same time. But the most interesting part is (in my opinion) the statistic showing which feed was visited how often.

Additionally to this statistic there is a small widget for the dashboard providing some information without the need of visiting the whole statistic.

As you obviously see on the pictures, some more readers would not harm. Do not hesitate and subscribe my feed, if you like my posts 😉

Not Joining Facebook Group

These days there are so many groups appearing on Facebook promising 20 or 50 facts about something. The best video you have ever seen. Or something else. But only if you join and invite as many friends as possible. Sometimes the title sounds quite interesting, but I do not want to join such a group just for the purpose of passing some time and reading some (promised to be) funny story.

But there are tools to show the content of those groups easily. It is tested with three different groups, but I do not know what exact possibilities Facebook gives the group owners. Might not work everywhere. Everything you need is the Firefox Plugin Firebug. I do not know if something similar is available for other browsers. To understand a bit HTML is also an advantage.

Go to the page of the group, you want to see.

Right-click on the free space, where you expect some content. Click “inspect with firebug” and the firebug frame opens. See if the selected code marks the space on the page, if you move the mouse there. The particular code should include either “visibility: hidden” or “display: none”.

Change the value of this particular tag (the word after the colon) to “block” which is (at least for the display tag) the right value to show the object.

And like magic the content shows up. Repeat so for any other invisible object that might be there.

Close firebug again.

You have now successfully fooled Facebook to reveal some content for you.

The plugin firebug was developed for web developers who want to play with some code directly on webpages. I used it quite a lot while adjusting the grava design to this page. But the plugin can do a lot more.