Wikileaks in the press

Today, I heard about Wikileaks on the ugandan radio station Radio West. They are broadcasting in Runyankole, a language that is spoken by a bit more than 2 million people. Unfortunately I did not understand more than “whistleblower site Wikileaks”, but the afghanistan files there must be really serious, if Wikileaks appears in this kind of press.

Check DNS Servers – Nslookup

Shifting to the new server, I had some problems with the domain redirections. For some weeks the domain pointed sometimes still to the old server. My domain provider could not see a mistake in their settings, first. Nevertheless, I wanted to work on PhYnformatik, what, due to some links, is only possible using the domain, not the ip. Therefore I needed a DNS-Server pointing to the correct sever.

But how do I know, where the DNS-Server is pointing?

The command line program Nslookup does the job. To see where the current used server is redirecting you for, use:

$ nslookup

To see what another server (here the Google server) is telling you, use:

$ nslookup

By the way, the problem was an old CName record still pointing to the old server.

The internet is not a crime scene

The German Bund Deutscher Kriminalbeamter (Association of German Crime Officers) created a paper with 15 points against internet crimes.

They are talking of the internet as a crime scene. But the internet is not a crime scene. Nor is the mobile phone used for discussing a terroristic attack or for insulting somebody. Nor is the DVD that contains a clip how somebody is beaten on a school yard. How can “the internet” be a crime scene?

More about this can be found (in German) on

Facebook Contacts Campaign

On Facebook I got greeted today by a window offering me to import all my friends from my mail accounts address book to Facebook. They promise not to save any passwords. They copy the whole address book onto their servers, though, and create statistics (also about not registered people). If one of those people then registeres with Facebook, you will get a friendship request automatically. They also save phone numbers. Those are data, which I don’t want Facebook to have.

For those who used this function once und now want to remove all the stored data (and that is, why I am writing this article), use this link:


Till now I thought that you can Facebook, if you follow their rules – like free interpretation of their words – seriously. At least I did not think of something like this (linked homepage is in German).